Monday, 13 October 2014

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro X64 PreActivated Final [Torrent File]

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro X64 PreActivated Final
BUILD: 6.3.9600
Activator used was KMSpico v9.2.3 Final

1) Burn to DVD or install from a flash drive(4.0GB+)(tool provided).
2) Boot from DVD or flash drive.
3) Wait till installation is finished and enjoy your ACTIVATED WIN 8.1 .
4) Windows might restart after it has been in the desktop
5) Once windows has finshed installing and you install an antivirus make an exceptions to Directory %ProgramFiles%KMSpico*.exe in Antivirus or Defender.

FAQ !!!!

No updates were added by me all updates are included in this MSDN ISO from MS including Update 1 and OLDER !!!
So this is how it works, At about 75% in the installation a script runs the KMSpico.exe and activates windows.
NO files are modified on the ISO.
YES all automatic updates will work.
Its always a good idea to do a hard format (your OS will be more stable).
YES you can install this on top of another OS or dual boot (Not recommended).
Last but not least if you dont know how to install windows or to install windows from a 
flash drive just google or youtube it.
EVAN though it says its only 180 days it will always stay 180 days !!!!
In this build i made it so NO install key is needed
Thanks for your support on my previous win 8.1 Pre-Activated torrents.
If you see a comment where some state that you can buy M$ products for cheap its a scam please report to


  1. amigo boa noite e se windows 8.1 pro e pt br

  2. I suggest you to use This version my own tested for Windows 8.1 Permanent Activator CherSssS!!!!

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